Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to make your bed for engineers

Being an engineer I am always looking for more efficient ways to do all manner of household tasks.
Making the bed has never been my strong point. My wife makes the bed faster than me, and it always looks better. I have long given up trying to figure out her technique, she probably just has many more years of experience than me. She is a principal bed maker while i am just a bed maker intern.

Yesterday a friend of mine shared a bed making technique with me that has improved the tidiness and speed of bed making. I would like to share this technique with you!

The secret to making large beds efficiently is to make the bed while you are in it! Being in the middle of the bed gives you maximum reach to both sides, where you can straighten out the covers. You no longer need to make several passes from one side of the bed to the other. After you get the bed looking nice, carefully roll out. Chances are that you will need just one more pass to fix the wrinkles in the covers.