Saturday, December 03, 2011

configure boxee to work as a second monitor with sound over hdmi

My HTPC setup is simple:
I ran a 40 foot HDMI cable from my computer room into my bedroom through the basement. I hooked up my TV in the bedroom to be the 2nd monitor on my PC and set boxee to run on that monitor.

The problem:
I wanted to have Boxee use sound over hdmi, but also be able to listen to to music and play games on my computer as usual without the sound coming from the bedroom TV.

In your windows sound prefs set:
  • "Speakers" as your default audio device
  • "HDMI digital output" as your default communication device
In boxee sound config set:
  • primary soundcard: HDMI digial sound
restart boxee. Now you should be able to hear HDMI sound only on the TV, and all other sound will come from your speakers.