Thursday, August 09, 2007

teamsite does not support NCLOBs, deployments fail

We were recently faced with a problem where some teamsite "submit" deployments would fail if they contained NCLOBs. Teamsite support got back to us and told us that hey dont acctually support NCLOB datatype?!!!!!!? yes that doesnt make sense since they claim to be this great content management system. We need NCLOBs to support large strings of international chars.

Funny part was that some deployments would succeed while others would fail.

It turned out that opendeploy comes with its own oracle driver, which was old, and that submit deployments ran as one user who had the old driver in the path, and the save deployments ran as another user with the good driver in the path.

the old driver had some problems with NCLOB, using the latest driver solved this problem

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