Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Readynas: insufficient system resources exist complete requested service

Whenever i try to access my readynas nv+ shares from any computer, i get the following error message:
insufficient system resources exist complete requested service
All of my computers have plenty of free memory, hard disk space, etc. The problem is clearly the NAS. Googling leads me to believe that the NAS is returning a malformed response to windows and so windows gives this incorrect error message.

Moreover, i can still log into frontview, and ssh in.

Recently i was playing around with the NAS, i installed the addon that gave me root and installed some programs in the root directory /root. One of those programs misbehaved and filled up my root partition with some data. I sshed in and checked diskspace:
df - k
This showed me that the root partition was indeed at 100%. This is the problem, to solve it i needed to delete the big files that were taking up all the space. I used the method i previously wrote about to find the big files and remove them. After i was finished, root was at 46% full. i rebooted the NAS and the problem went away.

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