Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bogdan Raczynski Samurai Math Beats Lyrics

i just wanna play checkers, one and together
i just wanna play checkers, one and together
learnin ninja-moves
karate battle stars we'll become
you and I together, let's learn ninja moves
lets learn to battle the galaxy for ownership of the kingdom
and whats to come
we'll do battle in outer-space and fight the bastardly citizens of who resist tem.bu....
you and i doin ninja moves
doin karate moves
doin black-belt style
black belt
lets just fight the forces of evil in our galaxy, together
with our light sabers
with our pistols and guns and sticks and bones and rabbits and dogs and poop and all we can find
la la la la.. waaa...
black belt
these are the kenji's samurai math beats yes uh, yes uh

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