Friday, April 25, 2008

firefox: tab and enter do not work

I have been effected by the evil firefox bug which causes tab and enter to stop working. As of this writing there is no fix for this.

Here is what i have found out about living with this bug and other info:

1. shift-enter works instead of enter. No replacement for tab exists.
2. opening a new windows or restarting firefox fixes this problem for a while
- people suggested using session fix addon to remember your tabs while you restart firefox

other info:
1. people claim its a firebug issue or a web developer issue. i have both of those installed, by the way
2. there is a firefox bug report on this here
3. some posts on message boards which might eventually find a fix for this problem are:

at this point the best solution seems to use that session fix plugin, or maybe do a reinstall.


  1. Thanks! Im having the same problem right now. I'll look for the solutions you posted.

  2. reinstall worked for me eventually. make sure to delete your profile that had this bug. not a great solution as you lose all your plugins and bookmarks, but you can back up both of those things using a plugin that backs up plugins and exporting your bookmarks. So more then anything, its just a pain in the ass.