Thursday, March 12, 2009

ST31000333AS disk size incorrect. 31MB

Problem: Today after rearranging the hard drives in my case, i noticed that my 1TB seagate drive was not coming up, instead i had a 32MB non-formatted drive. Checking the drive's hardware shows that it was indeed my 1TB ST31000333AS seagate barracuda. I tried changing the sata ports, and also ran it in an external usb enclosure. Drive size was reported as being 32MB by the bios and windows at all times. Seatools for windows did not show any problems with the drive.

Solution: I downloaded seatools for dos (direct link to eng iso), and burned it to a bootable cd. Booted to seatools and using advanced options set the drive capacity to MAX. rebooted, checked bios, drive was again 1TB. windows was able to detect and restore my drive letter, and files. I am happy.

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  1. I have a ST31003 as well that reported its size as 31mb and this trick worked perfectly, thanks!