Monday, March 09, 2009

Trip's Crazy Spicy Chicken Wings

This was really good. Yummy. Here it is:

there's not really a recipe per se. but they're pretty easy as long as you don't mind getting your kitchen greasy.

basically, you just start with chicken breasts cut up in to bite size cubes. then, the breading. i'm still searching for the best way to get the breading to be 
1) crispy and more importantly 
2) stay stuck to the chicken. 
for the party, i tried marinating the chicken in buttermilk and then dredging in flour.
i have made them since, however, by dredging the chicken in flour, then in an eggwash, then in store bought dried breadcrumbs. this worked much better.

to fry them, i just melted some vegetable shortening (supposedly better than oil because it can reach a higher temperature without smoking) in a pan (about 1/4 to 1/2 deep). then fried them on side #1 until brown, then turning and frying more once or twice depending on the size/shape/etc of the chicken piece. don't put too many in the pan at once or it will drop the temperature of the shortening. add more shortening if the grease levels are too low or if it seems to have lost some of its zip.

for the sauce, i went arount 1/3 melted butter, 2/3 frank's red hot for the "mild" (to me at least) version-- i don't think frank's hot enough on its own, so i add hot sauce (from the little bottles)-- any one that's really hot will do, since 99% of the flavor will come from the frank's.

i think that's it...

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